Mothers Against Concussions MAC was formed November 2013. The mission or purposes of MAC, are “To protect the children and increase public awareness of the problem of concussions in sports, and to aid the families of those who need assistance”. MAC provides grassroots leadership to create major social change in the attitude and behaviors leading to concussions in sports in order to promote, safety, progressive public policies, programs and personal responsibility. MAC efforts in this area are also encouraged and supported by the government, corporations, educators, the media and public.

Our Goals, Strategies and Capacity to Make the Lives of Children in Sports Safer.

MAC will soon be the nation’s largest network, working to protect children from concussion related sports injuries. With the help of those who want a safer future for our children, MAC’s Campaign to educate and protect the children will increase awareness of sports concussions.


MAC’s Campaign to educate and protect, which will increase awareness of concussions focuses on three important steps we all can take today to sports related concussions tomorrow:

  • Support our heroes. Support high-visibility every level players who: Doctors, Teacher, Coaches and more
  • Early testing to start. Require testing to prove players are to return to the game
  • Secure the future. Support the development of technology to determine what the next steps would be for concussion treatment.

Our success is measured in the reduced number of concusssions. There are still far too many players who are injured playing sports with concussions. Football by positions in 2013 for the National Football League was 262.