There many generous supports of Mother’s Against Concussions programs and service that will get us to our vision. Our sponsors below have helped MAC by helping us deliver the strongest awareness and educational programs possible. Click on the logos below to learn how each one positively affect change and demonstrates their desire to help.Print
Integrated Play

Thank you for your interest in Mother’s Against Concussions. Financial support is vital to advancing our mission to …… Why Support Mother’s Against Concussions? We’re more than you may think we are. Yes, we’re mothers…but we are also fathers, sons, daughters, friends, relatives and neighbors looking out for each other and you. Mother’s Against Concussions is not against sports; however, we do support education, advanced technology and protecting young people from the serious dangers and consequences caused by concussions.

Integrated Play, Inc is a Non-Profit DBA Mothers Against Concussions 501(3)c  EIN is 46-4146793