The many ways in which Dr. Elliot Pellman—a Guadalajara-educated rheumatologist with questionable qualifications—helped the NFL downplay the depth and gravity of its concussion crisis are well-documented. He chaired the influential Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee despite not having any education, experience, or expertise in brain research and wielding a trumped-up résumé buttressed by lies and misrepresentations. He and other NFL doctors authored a series of 16 papers that in all belittled concussions, saying it was okay to send concussed players back into games and claiming that “players who are concussed and return to the same game have fewer initial signs and symptoms than those removed from play.” He once personally sent a concussed Wayne Chrebet back onto the field soon after he had been knocked unconscious by a hit, reportedly telling him, “This is very important for your career.” He called the work of Dr. Bennet Omalu, the first doctor to publish data linking football players to CTE, “completely wrong.”

Source: Why Is The NFL’s Most Infamous Quack Still Involved In Its Concussion Program?